Giant Tie Fighter
Dinosaur Costumes
Goodnight Moon
Mermaid Sculpture
Waterfall Coffee Table
Reclaimed Wood Clock
Occasional Table
End Tables
Each one is unique.
NOW! Good News Awards
Custom Megaphones
Console Table
Custom piece designed for a specific space.
Quartered Log Coffee Table
Original design created from a single log.
Floating Shelves
Original design handcrafted from steel and reclaimed wood.
Casket Cart
Motorized casket featuring the Grim Reaper.
Reclaimed Gathering Table
Reclaimed 100 year old wood makes a modern table.
T-Rex Costume 2.0
Improved design.
T-Rex Costume
Giant lifelike T-Rex.
Beam of Light
Unique lighting created from reclaimed wood.
3D Projection Mapping
Virtually burning a house to the ground.
Live Edge Slab Benches
Reclaimed wood and steel.
Naughtical T-Shirts
Hand-stamped unique tees.
Interactive Robot Dinosaur.
Gathering Table
Reclaimed wood and steel.
Pirate Shack
Pop up craft store.
Reclaimed Barn Wood Door
Maple End Table
Limited edition end table.
Saddle Stools
Industrial rustic saddle stools.
Tall Bike
Fun idea. Scary in reality.
Credit Union Infinity Mirror
TED Talk Installation.
Fairy Doors
Tiny doors to imagination.
Air Kraken Ray Gun
Steampunk air defense against flying monsters.
Haunted Mirror
A portal to the netherworld.
Secret Knock LEGO Box
Computer controlled LEGO idea generator.
Modified Mini Bike
Bigger motor for faster fun.
Mini Infinity Door
A small door to nowhere.
Water Misting Machine
Branded Bluenose Marathon cooling station.
Rat Rod Drift Trike
Front-wheel drive drift trike for wicked fun.
Fire Tornado Machine
Mesmerizing Steampunk Fire Machine.
Function Creates Form
Small table where the function drove the design.
Galactic Bubbles
Mind blowing giant bubbles.
Ultimate Adirondack Chair
Created from red cedar and stainless steel.
Bubble Bike
Computer controlled giant bubble making tricycle.
Treetop Accommodations in Cape Breton
Slab Bench
Pine bench made from steel and reclaimed wood.
Bat Signal
Fully functioning Bat Signal just in case you ever need the Dark Knight.
Angry Bird Carnival Game
Real-life version of the digital game.
Driftwood Foyer Table
Oak, stainless steel and found driftwood.
Motorized Bicycle
The result of taking a bunch of parts and making something fun.
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