The Bubble Bike is now an icon for the Discovery Centre, the interactive science centre in Halifax, NS. When I found the bike, it had been used and abused. The forks were kinked, the rim was bent, and almost every bearing squeaked.
It was taken completely apart and rebuilt from the ground up. Then I built a computer-controlled bubble making machine and attached it to the back. It will easily make bubbles up to 20 feet long.
After working out all the kinks, we ran the bike in the annual Parade of Lights in Halifax. The immediate response was amazing. With every giant bubble was blew, the crowd reacted with "oohs" and "ahhs".
But the more surprising reaction came after the parade. The Discovery Centre was inundated with requests for the bike to participate and star in events the following year. Each event was geared to young families, which were the exact target audience of the Centre. This is where bike flexed its marketing strength by raising awareness, sparking imagination and driving visits.
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