Mad Secret Lab
After many builds, space became an issue. So rather than scrap or sell my projects, I opened an exhibit space, Mad Secret Lab here in Hubbards.
The whole place is a giant experiment in creativity, inspiration and inventiveness. There is an initiative out there called STEM; Science, Technology, Engineering, Math. But the one piece missing is the most important – Art.
Art breathes creativity and new ideas into the STEM disciplines. Without Art, you will never progress. The Mad Secret Lab is for everyone who is curious and it's free. If you enjoy it, a donation is nice to help support the next project.
This little idea is already gaining fans and getting noticed:
Here are a few exhibits we currently have:
• Giant remote-controlled Star Wars Tie Fighter
• Nova Scotia's tallest bicycle
• Mecha-Rex, the giant robot dino you get to control
• Life-size Angry Birds game
• Mission Impossible-style laser maze
• Wave pendulum machine
• Electric casket cart
• Galactic Bubble bicycle trailer
• Front-wheel drive rat rod drift trike
• Fire tornado machine
• And more
• Plus we're always adding more like a go-kart Batmobile made from a lawn tractor
Giant remote controlled Star Wars Tie Fighter
Robot Dino, Batman logo, and Nova Scotia's tallest bicycle.
Laser Maze at Mad Secret Lab
Giant Angry Birds Game at Mad Secret Lab
Nova Scotia's tallest bike at Mad Secret Lab
Mecha-Rex at Mad Secret Lab
Wave Pendulum Machine at Mad Secret Lab
Bubble Bike Buddy at Mad Secret Lab
Mad Secret Lab logo
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